Oct 28 2020

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The failure of Neverwinter (which is so dreary and uninteresting compared to its vibrant, starry-eyed, younger siblings who carried the Nights surname) illustrates that, I feel. I find that, for the most part, singleplayer JRPGs don’t really translate well to MMOs. There’s usually something lost in the translation due to how focused they are upon a small band of wandering heroes, similar in a way to classical D&D. Which is perhaps why they can extend to multiplayer without losing much of their innate magic, but no further.

Nintendo Switch Online Is Getting One Of The Best Snes Games Ever

I don’t know about the game itself, but Treasure of the Rudras’ magic system–you use words to produce various effects–would be a neat addition to an MMO, too. The SNES is the console I have the most fondness and nostalgia for, too.

I mean, DDO was a multiplayer game first before it was anything else. You joined a party to go into an instance, it’s the only way they could’ve done it.

Kogarashi Mario World

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It cemented my love of pixel art, chiptune music, and RPGs. I mean, it’s a video game, it shouldn’t feel like a second job. It should feel like a second life, a rather interesting one detached from the reality we know.

I know mentioning a FF game is dumb anyway though, FFXIV encompasses them all in its own adorable way. It’s “kinda go where you want, gain stats/learn arts as you fight” nature would be good for an MMO.

Which means, if I’m honest, Second Life is probably more compelling than most MMOs on the market. With an MMO you invariably have to end up saving the world as the player’s power level increases. That can be fun, certainly, in a more cheesy setting—like Champions Online—but for the most part, it’s overly stoic, dry, serious, navel-gazing and doldrums-inducing. I guess the reason I feel this would never work is why I feel that a D&D MMO could never truly work.