Sep 9 2022


ARCHIFEST @URA SEP 2022 Theme : Freedom – The Order of Love 1000 holes manually punched through a 6 meter x 6 meter stretch ceiling membrane. 1000 bicycle chains painstakingly degreased and dried by hand. 1000 bicycle chains meticulously hung from within the stretch membrane. Skilled craftsmanship, selection of Smart material from SZCEIL range of products gives a seamless, simulated sky light Brilliantly designed, aesthetically pleasing, purposeful, meaningful befitting the theme of Freedom. Designed and installed by Teams coming together for: the Order of Love.




In Collaboration with :

dparchitectspteltd dpdesignpteltd dplightingspteltd seahcheehuang claudianamang guozi kevin sturrock lestercruz linderonglaw kaixiang claire sunraywoodcraftconstruction pteltd conniewujoannesewkamensimalanteo christinachanand teamluxlightpteltd samwee and team cosainternationalpteltd jessie tansy gary dennis tey goh hui heng michelle irene